Membership Rules

South 20 Member Rules

Our rules are designed to promote traditional standards of decorum and to maintain a sense of propriety while you enjoy the Club.

By agreeing to become a member, you agree to abide by these rules:

  1. Conduct: Members shall engage in courteous and mannerly behavior towards each other and the staff.  Members shall refrain from using profanity and vulgar language.
  2. Smoking: Members shall not smoke in the premises, in the alley behind the premises and in front of the premises.
  3. Member's Guest: Members are allowed to have guests.  Guests are only allowed to be present with the member, and members are responsible for the behavior of their guests.  A guest must always be accompanied by a member.  Frequent guests should obtain their own membership.
  4. Membership Dues:
    1. Family Membership:  $600/yr or $50/mo (no bar minimum)
    2. Single Membership:  $300/yr or $25/mo ($25/mo bar minimum)
    3. Young Family Membership:  $300/yr or $25/mo ($30/mo bar drink minimum)  
      Oldest spouse/partner must be under 35 to qualify
    4. Snowbirds Membership:  $450/yr or $37.50/mo ($50/mo bar minimum for 6-months)
    5. Wine Lockers:  $200/yr rental fee and a corkage fee of $10 per bottle
  5. Private Parties:  The South 20 encourages its members to use the club's facilities to effortlessly entertain family, friends, clients, customers, and employees, and as an alternative to entertaining at home.

    Because of limited space and staff, advance notice is necessary and is subject to availability of staff.  The South 20 staff is willing and anxious to help you plan and organize a social event.
    1. Private Parties:  Tuesday - Saturday
      1. Small groups before Club opens for business, e.g. bridge, euchre group
      2. Fifty dollar bar minimum
      3. Minimum of two hours
      4. Seventy-two hours advance notice
    2. Small groups during regular business hours
      1. No minimum
      2. Maximum of 15 people
      3. Use limited to social area and not bar area
      4. Free snacks and appetizers
      5. Forty-eight hours advance notice
    3. Large parties on Tuesdays
      1. Because Tuesday is typically quiet, the South 20 will allow up to six large members hosted parties during the calendar year.  These events are intended primarily for civic, political or philanthropic purposes.
      2. There will be a $250 fee
      3. $10 per adult minimum bar spend
      4. Because the club will be closed to members on these Tuesdays, members will be entitled a complimentary drink during the following Wednesday cocktail hour (4:30pm - 6:30pm)
    4. Private Parties:  Sunday and Monday

      2 Hour Party

      • Up to 25 guests
        • $125 Room Rental fee
        • $25/each additional hour if party runs over
      • Up to 50 guests
        • $200 Room Rental fee
        • $50/each additional hour if party runs over

      3 Hour Party

      • Up to 25 guests
        • $150 Room Rental fee
        • $25/each additional hour if party runs over
      • Up to 50 guests
        • $250 Room Rental fee
        • $50/each additional hour if party runs over

      * Will open 1-hour prior for setup

  6. Membership Termination:  Violation of the rules, either directly by the member or indirectly through a guest may result in the termination of member's membership.  At management's discretion, warnings may be provided prior to termination.
  7. Key fob:  Members shall receive key fobs.  The key fobs can only be used by members.  If a key fob is lost, the member must report the loss to the manager so it can be disabled.  A member may not allow a non-member to use a key fob.
  8. Children:  Children are welcome to the Club, but must be accompanied by an adult member, supervised and may not sit at the bar or play in the bar area.  In consideration of other members and guests, it is suggested members not bring children to the Club during the cocktail hours Tuesday-Friday 4:30pm to 6:30pm.
  9. Cell Phones:  We understand the need to be connected to your cell phone, but it is annoying to listen to someone else's phone calls.  We do, however, request the cell phone use is limited in the South 20 and if a call will be lengthy, we request that you step outside.
  10. Changes in Rules:  As we proceed and learn what works and does not work, we may need to amend or add new rules.  Members will be notified of any amendments or new rules.


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